Krista Sabbagh, LCMHCA

Krista Sabbagh, LCMHCA [she/her]

I was born, raised, and obtained my graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in upstate New York. Influenced by my own upbringing and life experiences, I’m passionate about creating a safe space for clients to express all parts of themselves and explore how their personal experiences have shaped the person they are today. I value the therapeutic relationship as the driving force for change, all while incorporating techniques from internal family systems theory, dialectical behavior therapy, and psychodynamic theory.

I’m particularly passionate about working with adolescents and children. I prefer to recognize the influence of this developmental period on the rest of a person’s life and encourage young people to become aware of, and utilize, their innate capacity for growth and change. When working with adults, I enjoy incorporating spiritual principles and values to facilitate greater understanding, acceptance, and awareness. I have experience working with individuals ages 8 to 72 years old, all from various backgrounds and diagnoses which includes personal relationship struggles, PTSD, anxiety, depression, OCD, and ADHD.

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